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周刊 - · 群众反映问题,开通民意网上直通 车。黑龙江高院还制定了《“院长信 箱”所涉案件、事项办理工作的实施 细则》,规范信箱留言的梳理、批 转、办理和答复等流程。目前,全省 三级法院192个法院网站都开通了 “院长信箱”,极大地方便了当事人反 映诉求。

The Office of the General Counsel cannot provide legal advice to students or employees about legal problems that are personal in nature.  Students may contact ASMSU Legal Services.  Information about that service is available on the ASMSU website.

Students and employees may also contact one of the many legal aid offices in the state, although income and other eligibility requirements may apply.  In addition, the State Bar of Michigan offers a lawyer referral service.

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